hemp growing in fall colors

Harvest Report

It’s hemp harvest time at Bald Mountain Botanicals! We had a great year in 2022 all in all and the plants are looking just fantastic. Big plump flowers ripening in the autumn sun–the highlight of the year when all the hard work pays off.

Other than about 6 weeks of drought in the second half of the summer and a couple bad windstorms, Mother Nature was pretty good to us. Managed to duck the hurricanes this fall, and although we’ve had some autumn rain, wind, and fog–the bane of every hemp grower during flowering season–we’ve had almost no mold at all which is quite remarkable. Chalk it up to good genetics, healthy vibrant plants, organic agriculture, and the steps we took to ensure good airflow in and around the individual plants.

Once everything is cut, we do a wet trim, hang in the drying shed for 1-2 weeks, then trim and cure the flower. Should be well-cured in a couple months.

Here’s a short video overview from Ed on how the 2022 season went:

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