Bald Mountain Botanicals is an organic hemp farm in the hills rising from the western shore of Penobscot Bay, Maine. Sustainably grown outdoors in carefully nurtured rich fertile soil, our premium hemp flower is rich in terpenes, cannabinoids, and the unique terroir of this special place. Because we farm on a small scale we can invest our full care and attention to all the details of raising hemp. It’s a lot of work–and impossible to do in a larger agricultural setting–but the results are worth it. Each individual plant is tended with care and love.

Camden, Maine
Camden Harbor on the western shore of Penobscot Bay, Maine. The Camden hills rise up dramatically from the broad blue waters of the bay–a picturesque scene, especially at the height of New England fall colors.

Our CBD products are available exclusively online and ship directly from our farm to your door–we control the entire process from germinating seed, caring for the plants, preparing and storing the products, and shipping your order. Everything is geared toward giving you the highest-quality CBD products available.

Our products are processed with simple, traditional infusion methods using only the hemp flowers–we never use solvents or chemicals to extract cannabinoids and terpenes. Our balm and oil is made by infusing whole flower in warm coconut oil, while our tincture is made by infusing flower in ice-cold organic food-grade ethanol.

dog watching hemp plants
Toby keeps a watchful eye on a Cherry Wine hemp plant in September.

We’re also committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability: we farm organically using regenerative methods to protect and nurture the living soil. We do our best to minimize resource consumption and generate our own solar electricity to reduce carbon emissions (excess power gets shared to the grid for our neighbors to use). We use repurposed cardboard boxes for shipping and avoid unnecessary plastic or other disposable materials.

rooftop solar array
One of two solar arrays mounted on the house–we generate as much as 800kWh of electricity per month in the summer, more than enough to meet our needs. The surplus goes to the grid for our neighbors to use.

We try to give back by donating flower to veterans who rely on cannabis to treat medical conditions like chronic pain or PTSD.

Cherry Wine flower
We donate flower to veterans who depend on cannabis to treat medical conditions.

Thank you for your interest in Bald Mountain Botanicals–we’d love to hear from you.

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portrait of Ed
Ed Geis, owner of Bald Mountain Botanicals, tending to a Cherry Wine hemp plant nearing harvest time.


Meet a Cherry Wine Variety Hemp Plant

Ed takes you out to the hemp field near harvest time to introduce you to one of the renowned Cherry Wine hemp plants. He discusses the hemp life cycle, raising hemp organically, and the unique Cherry Wine strain with its high CBD/low THC properties.

Introduction to Cherry Wine hemp video thumbnail
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Why Grow Hemp Organically?

What does it mean to grow hemp organically and why does it matter? Join Ed in the field as he explains about raising hemp organically and why this benefits everyone. Not to mention it simply makes for a better, more effective, and appealing product.

Why grow hemp organically video thumbnail
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What’s the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Ed answers one of the most common questions: what exactly is the difference between hemp and marijuana? It really comes down to a legal distinction based on the percentage of THC in the harvested flowers. Watch and learn more.

What's the differerence between hemp and marijuana video thumbnail
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Irrigating the Hemp Crop

We’re very fortunate to have a mountain brook running through the property for irrigation when things get too dry. In the video below Ed talks a little about our irrigation practices.

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2022 Harvest Report

It’s harvest time! Join Ed in the hemp field for an overview of how the season went. While we had a few challenges like late summer drought (it’s farming, right?), all in all it’s been a terrific and productive season.

hemp harvest report
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CBD and Pets

Lots of people wonder if CBD can help their pets–in this video Ed offers some facts and advice about using CBD to treat various conditions in domestic animals. The endocannabinoid system isn’t unique to humans, as scientific research has shown. Pet owners have used CBD to relieve arthritis and other chronic pain, especially older animals. Some pets that get anxious in certain situations respond well to CBD. There’s even evidence that cannabinoids like CBD can play an effective role in cancer treatment but we need to do more research.

dog lying by hemp plant
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