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Raising Young Hemp Seedlings

One of the most exciting seasons of the year is springtime, when we germinate the hemp seeds and begin a new growing cycle. It always seems like magic when you put those tiny little seeds (not much bigger than a large peppercorn!) into some damp soil and a few days later a little green shoot pops up. So fragile and delicate at first, it’s hard to imagine these little babies turning into 6-8 foot bushes in just a few short months.

We like to start the seeds in seedling trays indoors under lights, as the frost danger in Maine lasts well into May. But after the first week or so we get them out in the sunshine as much as possible and soon they’re spending most of their time outdoors (we still bring them into the shed at night just in case or sometimes they live in cold frames with lids that get closed at sunset).

Cherry Wine hemp seedling
This young Cherry Wine hemp seedling is just a few weeks old but “growing like a weed” as they say.

Once the seedlings develop 2 sets of leaves we transplant them into 1g pots where they have plenty of room to grow for the next several weeks. And grow they do! The goal is to get them into the ground in early June, where they can really settle in, spread their roots, and reach for the sky.

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