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The Best CBD Extraction Process

Ever wonder how hemp gets processed into CBD products? Most people probably don’t give much thought to that question. But the method used to extract CBD from the plant impacts the quality of the final product. We use a straightforward traditional process of infusing whole hemp flower in warm coconut oil which we believe is the best CBD extraction process available.

Nothing but Flower

First, we use only ripe whole organic flowers, not leaf, trim, or other parts of the hemp plant. That’s because the flower is where the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavinoids, and other beneficial elements are most highly concentrated. Many CBD companies use less desirable parts of the plant.

hemp flower
We use only premium whole hemp flower in all our CBD products.

The Whole Foods Analogy

Second, by infusing premium whole flower in the oil directly, we’re able to extract all the rich goodness in the flower, not just the CBD. Other companies typically extract the CBD first using carbon dioxide or a solvent, then add the isolated CBD to the oil. CBD by itself is less effective than CBD in combination with all the other compounds the flower contains due to the “entourage effect” of all these elements working together synergistically. A whole flower product is generally more effective at lower doses, saving you money because your oil lasts longer. To use a food analogy, it’s sort of like the difference between taking a vitamin C supplement versus eating an orange. The whole food provides not just vitamin C but a whole array of other beneficial elements.

CBD oil dose in graduated eydropper
Our CBD oil is made by infusing hemp flowers in warm coconut oil, which extracts not just CBD but all the terpenes, flavinoids, and other goodness from the flower. This makes for a more effective medicine with higher potency at lower doses.

No Residual Solvents

Third, with our warm oil infusion method you don’t have to worry about the final product containing residual solvents used in the extraction process like butane or propane. We use only two plant-based ingredients: organic coconut oil and organic hemp flower.

Sometime Simple is Better

Our CBD extraction process is about as natural and simple as it gets. This fits with our commitment to sustainability through organic and regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, minimal packaging, and other measures we take to minimize impacts. We believe that the less processing done to the hemp flower, the better the final product.

organic CBD oil
The less the hemp flower is heavily processed, the more pure and potent the final product.

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